Mar 20, 2023

Trina Solar launches integrated PV and energy storage systems at SNEC, total solutions leading N

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SHANGHAI , May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Trina Solar showcased its technical prowess and unveiled new products at the 16th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition, which was has held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from May 23 to 26 .

At the event Trina Solar unveiled its new-generation 210mm Vertex n -type products of 695W, 605W and 450W, p -type Vertex 670W, TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P solution energy storage systems and other all-in-one smart energy solutions. All these products demonstrate the company's commitment to leading the way in smart solar energy solutions for a net-zero future.

In addition, Trina Solar launched its advanced n -type i-TOPCon technology globally at the show, leading the n -type value. New products featuring state-of-the-art HJT and iBC technologies were also on display. Trina's booth attracted thousands of visitors from Europe , North America , Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Trina Solar's Vertex N family made its debut at the SNEC, and the Vertex n -type 605W modules were installed in Trina's Tracker Vanguard 2P, and the technology drew a great deal of interest at the SNEC. Trina Solar's 210mm n -type scenario-based solutions are tailored to operate in a wide range of settings, with lower BOS costs and LCOE to maximize customer value.

Trina Solar unveils its n -type i-TOPCon Advanced technology

As an early mover with n -type technology, Trina Solar continues to innovate and to upgrade its product line, and the global launch of its n -type i-TOPCon Advanced technology took place at the SNEC. With this technology, cell efficiency has reached 26% and module output power 700W+, and the product will go into mass production next year.

Trina Solar continues to innovate and expand its technical expertise in areas such as iBC and HJT. At the SNEC the company debuted its HJT PV modules with maximum power output of 730W+ and efficiency of 23.5%, which can increase power generation by 4-8%. SMBB combined with high-density encapsulation enables the modules to achieve ZERO cutting loss and an ultra-low carbon footprint 30% lower than PERC. Also unveiled were iBC PV modules with maximum power output of 480W+ and maximum efficiency of 24%. The modules, with an all-back contact and full passivation contact design, have non-front finger shading, presenting a perfect appearance and providing customers with the ultimate aesthetic experience.

Trina Storage : As spotlight falls on integrating PV and energy storage system, the star product is Elementa

Focusing on the integration of PV systems and energy storage, Trina Storage presented its leading products at the show, including the 306Ah Trina cell with more than 12,000 life cycles, the Trina Storage Elementa liquid cooling system with a longer system lifetime, in excess of 10,000 cycles, and residential energy storage products as well as its power conversion system.

Trina also unveiled next-generation solutions for integrating PV systems and energy storage, demonstrating trends in technology applied to high-temperature lithium-ion battery energy storage systems without air conditioning. Trina Solar is pursuing breakthroughs in the high-potential energy storage segment with its technological advantages and safe and reliable products.

Adaptable to more complex scenarios with upgraded Trina trackers

The next-generation Vanguard 2P that was on display, with its multi-motor control system, is safer, more reliable and easier to install than traditional mechanical drives. The tracker can be adapted to more complex application settings, reducing LCOE and improving customer ROI. In desert, Gobi and wilderness settings the new Vanguard 2P can operate stably for 1,200 hours in temperatures as low as -30 C. The new POM-polymer composites used in the spherical bearing have high wear resistance and high rigidity, resulting in fatigue life of up to 25 years. The external raw materials used to manufacture the new Vanguard 2P are subjected to quality control in salt spray and to a cyclic corrosion test to ensure they are corrosion resistant in mudflats and coastal areas, and their water-resistant and dust-proof level reaches IP65 or above.

Module reliability confirmed by third-parties

Trina Solar is recognized and trusted by many international institutions, including CSG, EUPD, RETC and PVEL, for its module reliability.

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