Mar 09, 2023

Face Masks Are Still A Good Idea. Here Are The Best Ones To Stock Up On.

Cloth, KN95 and more types of masks that can help protect against Covid-19, whether you're traveling or gathering.

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A MaskC KN95 mask, mulberry silk face mask and a scalloped cotton fiber filter mask.

In anticipation of potential coronavirus surges this winter, the Biden administration is once again offering free COVID tests and making contingency plans to provide personnel and equipment in the event any health systems are overwhelmed.

If you want to err on the side of caution or go that extra mile to help protect the immunocompromised people in your life, but your mask stock has been dwindling, take this opportunity to replenish your stash.

A lot of masks have hit the market in recent years, many of them meeting the unique wants and needs of individuals, some designed using rigorous NIOSH certification standards and others that were spotted on celebrities. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorites and those that were well-received by our readers.

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Powecom's multi-filtration KN95 face masks (the Chinese equivalent of the U.S. N95 mask) come from Bona Fide Masks, the exclusive distributor of the brand's face coverings in the U.S. and Canada, and have a filtration efficiency of equal to or greater than 95%. They are made with a new melt-blown polypropylene cotton filter layer meant to help improve breathability.

You can buy adult size masks for $12 and kid's size masks for $13 from Bona Fide Masks.

During the height of the pandemic, celebrities including Hillary Duff and JLo were seen sporting some of MaskC's lineup of colorful and fashionable looking masks. This pack of five-ply KN95s feature earthy shades like clay, rose and tan, which can easily blend with any outfit.

You can buy the colorful K95 masks from MaskC for $39.

Available in 14 different colors and five sizes, this comfortable and breathable mask may sit tightly to your face, but it won't cause your face to sweat or feel like you're inhaling your mask each time you breathe. A copper-lined ionized quartz yarn inner layer offers 84.6% filtration, according to the manufacturer. Plus, this washable mask features soft comfort loops so it's gentle on the ears and suitable for long periods of wear.

You can buy the lightweight mask from Atoms for $12.

Honeywell's four-way stretch knit mask has a contoured design that stands off the face for enhanced breathability, better functionally and less contact with your skin. This mask can maintain its shape even after multiple washings and uses filters that Honeywell says can block more than 95% of micro-sized particles, including virus and bacteria particles.

You can buy the far-sitting mask from Amazon for around $12.

This pack from MaskC includes 10 comfortable and easy-to-wear three-ply surgical-style masks with soft ear loops made just for kids. They feature an adorable zoo animal print.

You can buy the triple-layer pack from MaskC for $16.

Made from soft and breathable pleated fabric, these non-medical face masks from Athleta were a top pick among our readers in 2020. Great for everyday wear in lower-risk situations, they are machine-washable and have adjustable elastic ear loops.

You can buy the everyday breathable masks from Athleta for around $5.

Huffpost previously noted these U.S.-made masks feature the highest level of filtration for surgical-style masks, a level called ASTM 3. They have a blue outer layer which provides high face coverage against fluids.

You can buy the surgical mask pack from Amazon for around $15.

These 4-layer N95 masks were tested and certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles, according to the NIOSH database. Beyond that, these medium-sized respirator masks contain a patented anti-bacterial and antiviral layer that inactivates contagious particles within minutes for even greater protection. (They also come in large.)

You can buy the pack of N95 masks from Amazon for around $76.

Vdefence is a small business that specializes in handmade cotton and linen masks designed to accommodate beards and facial hair. Constructed of three layers including a pocket for a filter, these masks can be customizable depending on the fabric you want and the length of your beard and have an elasticized edge that holds the mask close.

You can buy the reusable cloth mask from Etsy for $18.

Under Armour's sports mask is a top pick for athletes and everyone else thanks to the structure that sets the mask farther away from the face for more breathability. The shell is also water-resistant, which means it can be worn in the rain.

You can buy the sports mask from Amazon for $11+.

Back in 2021, Meghan Markle was spotted on several different occasions wearing a scalloped-edged face mask with a flat profile, which royal fashion experts quickly identified as this Air Queen Nano Mask. Individually packaged for easy portability, these masks feature a special nano-fiber filter that the company claims offers better filtration.

You can buy the pack of nano-fiber filter masks from Amazon for around $13.

Made from 100% mulberry silk, this adjustable and washable face mask is soft and breathable and the material won't pick up or shift any makeup products that you might be wearing. It is also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, so if you experience acne or irritation with other masks, this might be a good option. There's an interior pocket to add a filter insert for increased protection.

You can buy the silk mask from Amazon for around $17.

Shopping Writer for HuffPost

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