High Temperature Leveling Agent

High Temperature Leveling Agent

Leveling AgentProduct Name: Leveling agents(Coating leveling agents, Ink leveling agents ) Structure or composition: Pol


Basic Info
Model NO. Leveling Agent
Property Other
Active Ingredient 100
Transport Package IBC Tank
Trademark realfine
Origin China
Production Capacity 100t/Month
Product Description

High Temperature Leveling Agent

Leveling AgentProduct Name:
Leveling agents(Coating leveling agents, Ink leveling agents )
Structure or composition:
Polyether-modified organic polysiloxane.
Leveling agents(Coating leveling agents, Ink leveling agents ) reduce the surface tension of coatings to improve the wetability of the substrate Increase of surface slip and scratch resistance and anti- blocking properties, improve leveling, improved gloss and prevent Bernard vortex. It can add to solvent-based, solvent -free and water-based coating system.
Appearance colorless to pale amber liquid
Specific gravity 25 ºC 1.036
Viscosity 25 ºC (cst) 300 ~ 1200
Refractive index 25 ºC 1.4492
Cloud point ( 0.1% solution ) 38 ºC
Water solubility transparent
Surface tension 25 ºC (mN / m) 22.7
Active ingredient (%) 100

1. Wetting, dispersing, lubricating, Solvent-free preparation2. Reduce the surface tension of coating, substrate wetting, anti-oil shrink, anti-scratch, anti- adhesion. Improve leveling and gloss.3. The water, oil, solvent-free systems are suitable.4. Aqueous systems (water-based paint, paint, latex paint, water-based ink, gel ink), recommended dosage of total formulation is about 0.3 to 1%5. Oily System: Recommended dosage of the total formulation is about 0.05 to 0.5%6. Solvent-free systems: Recommended dosage total formulation is about 0.3 to 1%
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